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Great Ransom

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The Taurat & Injeel


Allahs Book
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Robert Darnell on Islam
Islam Part 1
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Islam Part 33

Some key points to consider -

The first Jihad July 27th 1299 - at the time of the 5th Trumpet 1st Woe Revelation 9:5
150 years to --

The Second Jihad July 27th 1449 - at the time of the 6th Trumpet 2nd Woe Revelation 9:13  391 years & 15 Days to --

August 11th 1840 Conclusion of the 2nd Woe -

All time prophecies have been predicted and after 1844 there are no more time prophecies. Hence we know when the next woe enters into history based on the events of History. The Third Woe entered into History on September 11th 2001

The work of Islam is known in "The Book".  Seek the people of  "The Book".

View the 1843 Chart here: 1843 Chart Look at the bottom right hand corner of the Chart. This chart was made in 1843 . . . .

Video By Stephen Dickie (mp4) Islam in Prophecy January 2013

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